Video Information for Prescott College Ph.D Students

As you know, you are being asked to create a three minute video introduction and extended abstract to your research, designed to give a quick overview of your question, methods, and findings.  Of course, it is difficult to boil your work down in this way, requiring some planning and thinking, in addition to the nuts and bolts of technically producing your video work and writing your extended abstract.

To help complete this process, the symposium team is providing some support structures over the next four weeks, as you prepare your video and complete your extended abstract.  We recommend completing the two pieces in tandem.

The Requirement


Produce a 250 word extended abstract giving an engaging description of your research work.  This abstract will be used to highlight your work in publications about the symposium, and will provide greater clarity and depth than the 75 word abstract already submitted. 

You will be given a Word template to complete your extended abstract, and will be asked to include answers to several important questions in addition to completing the abstract itself.  Please make sure that all questions are answered.

Your extended abstract should be emailed in Word format to Jen Gurecki (jennifer.gurecki(@) by April 8, 2014. Once your extended abstract has been received, you will receive an email confirmation. 



Produce a video or animated presentation with voiceover regarding you work.  This video or animated presentation with voiceover should be approximately 3 minutes in length (no more than 3:30 minutes). 

a. Videos should be submitted in a standard video format (technical details will be provided), such as .MP4, .AVI, or .mov. Please save files as LastName_PC_2014. The tutorials on this page can help you with formatting your video.

b. We recommend “medium” resolution (640x360), although we can accept larger formats, if you would prefer to use a higher production quality.

 Please upload your video to Dropbox by April 22, 2015.

Click here to view inspirational 3 minute videos. Click here to learn the secret structure of great talks.  



The Timeline

April 8 – Extended abstract due by email to jennifer.gurecki(@)

April 22 – Videos uploaded to dropbox