thursday, APRIL 11TH

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8:00 – 8:45 AM Breakfast and Check-In in Crossroads Center (ALL Cohorts)

9:00 - 9:55 AM Dissertation Proposals Presentation Group C

Bottoms Up: Rethinking Wine Packaging for Millennial's from a Social, Economic and Environmental Perspective

Ashley Poupart

DP C.1

The era of purchasing wine in glass compartments might be on the verge of an innovative shift towards alternative packaging options. Millennials tend to push towards environmentally friendly actions, embracing altruism, emphasizing creativity and portability, have modeled a generation in which Millennials are influencing the consumer market in new ways. Millennials are exploring how to pursue economical and environmentally friendly wine with product authenticity without sacrificing quality. Thus, understanding how Millennials are perceiving alternative wine packaging can help the wine industry identify this new target market with appropriate marketing strategies so that they can drive these categories further into sustainability

Transitions, Transformation, & Transcendence 

Amy Kisby

The sacred labyrinth heals individuals just as we have the ability to heal the Earth. It helps us recognized our deep connection to nature and the universe. It allows us to discover the meaningful interconnections of all the various miraculous advanced complex systems that exist within ourselves and all around us. 

DP C.2

Presentations and Activities (All sessions take place in the Crossroads Center unless noted)

10:00 – 10:25 AM Creative Interlude

Yoga Stretch/ Move your Feet, Stretch your Seat

Julie Munro

Have you been doing too much sitting? Are you feeling foggy, but you have already had enough coffee? Join Julie for some yoga stretches that should get the blood flowing and your energy going. No fancy clothes required, just a desire to stand up and move.

10:30 - 11:30AM Dissertation Proposals Presentation

Exploring Ecological Identities of Young Children in a Forest Preschool

Rose Brusaferro

DP C.3

The research project proposed in this presentation is a narrative, participatory case study of Wild Haven Forest Preschool in Baltimore City, Maryland. The study will observe and describe the ways in which ecological identity, the physical, emotional, and cognitive awareness of one’s relationship with larger communities of the natural world, manifests itself in children who are enrolled in the program. The presentation will discuss how indicators of ecological identity development in early childhood could connect to adoption of early ecological world-views, which is a necessary paradigm shift for building sustainable communities.

A study of Relationship and Trust Building Practices in School and Classrooms

Richard Presicci

Proposal C.4

Some students, teachers, and parents in public school environments are disconnected, isolated, and/or disengaged. This can lead to students dropping out early, teachers burning out early, and parents being left out all together. Certain education for sustainability theories and practices have influenced my thinking about the consequences of this problem, and I believe that certain 21st century educational practices that connect students, teachers, and parents might help to minimize the problem. I am proposing a case study research project to address the problem, and working to identify a practical solution through a relationship building intervention for teachers and the classroom.

11:30 AM-12:00 PM Break

12:00 -1:00 PM Lunch (ALL Cohorts)

1:00-2:00 PM Research Roundtables

The research roundtable session is designed to inspire rich dialogue between students, faculty, and committee members. Bring your voice to add to ever-evolving research methodologies and methods and to learn from others. Topics may include action research, ethnography, feminist materialism, among others. A list of methodologies and table facilitators will be posted by the end of the day on Wednesday.

2:00 – 4:30 PM Dissertations

2:10-2:50 PM Identification of Conservation Mindsets in Arizona

Tammy McLeod

Dissertation 1

My research has worked to validate the effectiveness of conservation marketing currently used by 14 Conservation organizations in Arizona. In doing so, unique conservation mindsets have been identified for 19 individual conservation topics. The topics were explored via an online survey using a modified form of conjoint analysis called rule developing experimentation

3:00-3:40 PM Lake Superior Social-Ecological Resilience and the Cultural Landscape

Teresa Bertossi

Dissertation 2

The Lake Superior watershed is a vast and complex freshwater system shared by two countries and three states that must cooperate for sustainability. Many communities throughout the region are experiencing declining biodiversity, population, and qualities of life that threaten social-ecological resilience. I combined GIS, ethnography, and digital storytelling to answer: In what ways might rural coastal places build resilience by better linking livelihoods to conservation of land and water? Results include maps and stories of innovation, entrepreneurship, livelihood experiences, and suggestions for land management and sustainable community development based on local cooperative decision and policy making, co-management, and regional partnerships.

3:50-4:30PM Application within Corporate Environments

Megan Bloomer

Dissertation 3

The world of Bondage/Discipline, Domination/Submission, Sadism/Masochism (BDSM or kink) is one that intrigues many in an overwhelming way. The popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy demonstrated the mass appeal of this community to a mainstream audience. Yet E.L. James fails on all accounts to accurately represent the idea of consent, negotiation, and safe space. The kink community prides itself on the practices of safe, sane, and consensual or risk-aware consensual kink (RACK). This research starts to explore the possible applications for the consent and negotiation framework of the BDSM community to the corporate environment.

4:30-5:00 PM Break

5:00-7:00 PM Graduation Celebration at the Sam Hill Warehouse